StokerConsole and StokerWebConsole are free applications designed to enhance your experience with your Stoker Power Draft System from Rock's Bar-B-Que. StokerConsole is a Java application while StokerWebConsole is a web application that allows connection from any HTML 5 compliant web browser be it running on your PC, iPad, Kindle Fire, or mobile phone. Both applications provide multiple features such as graphs, annotations, timers, and profiles that puts you in control by providing a large variety of user definable preferences.


  • User Defined Graphs
  • Create as many graphs as you want and assign the devices you want to monitor to each graph.

  • Ability to view your graphs individually or all together
  • You can view your graphs on separate tabs or view them all on one tab.

  • Zoom in on interesting areas
  • Curious about a specific twitch on your graph? Zoom in to get a closer view.

  • Send emails and tweets with current status
  • Send emails and tweets to keep you aware of the status even when you are away.

  • Set timers
  • Schedule timers to remind you to perform your ancillary duties.

  • Add annotations to your graphs
  • Document when you added the food or sprinkled more rub directly on graph.

  • Save and reload your settings as profiles
  • Making spatchcock chicken again? Simply reload your saved settings and you are off. No need to tediously reset target temperatures.

  • Schedule actions to occur when temperature events occur
  • Want an email when the target temperature gets to 179%deg;? Maybe you want to lower the pit temperature when the meat is almost done. These are easy to do with Scheduled Actions.

  • Automatically detects when the lid is opened and turns off the fan
  • No need to manually turn off the blower before opening the lid. With StokerConsole and StokerWebConsole, the blower is automatically turned off when you open the lid.